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Scape Goat

2019 • Film • Action, Comedy, Drama

Darkness falls across the streets of Miami. The sounds of guns and drugs overshadow one man’s revenge to make his nightmare stop. Chance Russo a womanizer, played by Geovanni Molina as one of the top agents of the FBI, teamed up with Charlie Boyd, played by Nate Brown as a no nonsense partner. This film catapults you to the edge and back. Ex convicts take over the security of Miami lead by Joe Sherman, played by Buddy Howard. Theresa Sherman played by Melissa Jayne stared in (Any Given Sunday, Directed by Oliver Stone) shows us the inner soul of a mother Addicted to her mistake. Revenge plays the greatest of them all in this story. Easily capturing your eye and making you feel her pain. Another key is Cindy Sherman a criminal attorney, who’s forced to represent her father, and in doing so, opens wounds that were hid in the past. Power, money and lust makes the magic come alive on the screen. A must see movie this year says Crib TV, The New Yorker, and Channel 41, Say bye-bye to what you are going to expect to see .Because, this will keep you thinking and waiting to see what happens. So get ready to experience a ride of a lifetime and see why Reel Films Cinema is called the next generation of filmmaking.